Overviewではモニタリング出来てるけど、WordPressの HooksPlugin and themes がうまくモニタリング出来てない場合は、 php.ini 内の newrelic.framework を設定すれば表示される。

; Setting: newrelic.framework
; Type   : string
; Scope  : per-directory
; Default: empty (auto-detect framework)
; Info   : Forces the framework to be one of the supported frameworks. This
;          should only ever be used if the auto-detection fails, in
;          which case we (support.newrelic.com) would very much like
;          to know about the detection failure. Must be one of the
;          following values: cakephp, codeigniter, drupal, drupal8,
;          joomla, kohana, laravel, magento, mediawiki, symfony,
;          wordpress, yii, zend or no_framework.
;          Note that "drupal" covers only Drupal 6 and 7.
newrelic.framework = "wordpress"


(General configuration settingsのnewrelic.frameworkに書いてある。)

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